Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello, hello? Is this thing on???

Is anyone there? Hello?

It has been exactly one month and one day since I last visited this lonely little blog. And I miss it. I miss writing, sharing my stories and my family with the thousands and thousands of people who care about me. The truth of the matter is, I haven't really known what to write. I think for a while that I went away in my mind. I have been trudging through life worried about my home, my husband and my kids. Not really worried exactly, just existing. Since we moved home, it has been an up and down roller coaster of settling in and adjusting to our "real" life. Not until recently did I feel at home. We dealt with the unfinished aspect of the house, personal issues that aren't mine to discuss, a scary health scare with Lilly and a general feeling of unrest. I wanted to write about all of this, but instead, I took naps. (Oh yeah, I also lost my job. Napping may have lead to this.)

I miss this space. I miss sharing pictures and antedotes of my life with others. This space is my safe place where everything is mostly happy and my children grow without developing attitudes and are never sick or unhappy. It can't always be that way, but I am going to attempt to share it again.

So for now, here are some pictures showing the happyrachael family doing our thang!


Lilly got a desk...
And in the words of Jeff, don't we wish she would always be this little.

I ran out of hot sauce and attempted to make my own.
Jeff's eyes are still recovering and the paint peeled off the walls!

I didn't get a picture of our movie event, but I did see this...
with the wonderful, Sara - Periwinkle Papillon
We laughed, we cried
And we shook our head...
(I would share pictures of the movie poster, but turns out I will get sued.)

This fabulous woman/blogger/friend invited me to a blogging event sponsored by Driscolls!

We spent the evening at a food and photography event sponsored by Driscolls.
I met Chef Rick Rodgers and ate some amazing food which featured Driscoll's fruit.
I was surrounded by amazing bloggers and watched how companies are beginning to understand the importance of social media and how branding through bloggers is powerful. No one is interested in using me to brand their company, but the food and company were simply fabulous! I learned a lot, laughed and spent a few hours with my friend. It was a great night!

Which was not upstaged by...
Lilly's Ballet performance.

James' Christmas Preschool Program
Disclaimer: James spent the entire time waving at Jeff and I, or putting his hands down his pants.

I turned 41 and...
Morphed into a version of my mom and my sister. 
I now wear reading glasses and I am not sure how I ever survived without them.

Somewhere in between all of these events we had Thanksgiving. We showed off our house. We ate. We had family time. I got no pictures but Jeff cleaned the whole kitchen.
I fell in love all over again...

Today the most recent version of the Top 100 Mom Blogs was published on Babble. I read and follow most of these writers, so I get the list. However, a pretty big controversy is evolving as to what makes a top mom blogger and I want no part of this. But what I will say, is as a mom blogger who gets around to writing every once in a while, this top list, any top list, doesn't negate MY OWN experience or my writing. I do know, it would be hard to be them. I want to write when I can and about what I want. I may never make a cent. No one will ever pay attention to me. For now, I am fine with this. So, there is that.


PS: I am turning off comments for the foreseeable future. I just want people to enjoy that I am back, not worry about saying anything. Hugs!

PSS:  THIS BLOG IS NOT SPONSORED BY DRISCOLLS. I was a guest of an actual invitee and did receive a gift bag of fruit and other fruit related items. All opinions expressed are my own.

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