Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break...

The kids are on spring break this week, and with the help of my fabulous parents, it has been just like a regular week.  Well, kind of...

As soon as I take the time to download a program for editing pictures on my new laptop, I will share with you the wonder that is the happymommy house these days.  Yesterday, the kids and I had an adventure to end all adventures.  We boarded a bus at 9:50 after standing at the wrong corner of the intersection for ten minutes.  I managed to drop my wallet, lose all my money before finally boarding the bus where the nice Tibetan monk wouldn't move his seat one place over so I could sit next to the kids while wielding a HUGE stroller that refuses to stay snapped together.  We did manage to catch the right bus to the SF Ferry Building but we missed the ferry by minutes.  Well it would have been by minutes had I gotten the time right.  Needless to say, we had to call in the Armed Forces, otherwise known as Opa, to come get us to take us across the bay to the small beach that is Shoonmakers.  We had a great three hours of fun in the cold sun with friends.  Then we walked about a mile to the ferry landing in Sausalito to make sure we we on time. We got ice cream, saw the Dr. Seuss exhibit at a tourist trap art "museum" and then sailed the bay back home to catch a bus without incident.

We are really enjoying traveling the city by bus, train and boat these days.  I do, however, miss my home.  The home that allows my children to run amok and make noise without us worrying about the downstairs neighbor.  The house that doesn't have a stoop to the entry that sometimes houses a random person, shoes or an unknown object or fluid.  The house that allows the dog to roam free in the backyard without one of us having to put on shoes and clothes to allow him to relieve himself.  The house that has an ICE MAKER.  I miss many things and will be ready to go home.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I will say that if we didn't live in the city for this temporary amount of time, we would have never had a random opportunity to walk three blocks, end up at Amoeba Records on Monday night to meet a kindergarten friend, watch his cousin in a band and eat GREAT Asian food at a moments notice.  We wouldn't have been able to take the bus at the last minute after Lilly's bike camp was cancelled today to spend the day at the Metreon, watching Hop and then perusing Bloomingdale's and buying clothes at H&M.  The city is so wonderful, but it isn't home.  I miss home.

This is a 1st world problem.  Not even one that deserves mentioning, except that it is my life.  And in my life, besides the ridiculousness that is me missing an ice maker, I have many good friends.  OK, wait, I don't have many good friends.  I have a few good friends.  I have tons of acquaintances who fill my life with fun and giggles.  But not tons of friends whom I consider close.  There is the one that went way above and beyond to help me with my new job.  There is the one that I consider my BFF whom I never see anymore, but I love like a sister.  And then there is the AV.  (I am calling him this to give him some privacy.  You know, because my blog is so very popular and I must maintain my friend's anonymity.)

I have known AV for five years.  We first met when Lilly and his daughter were 10 months old.  I was craving friends in the crazy world of stay at home moms and he was a new stay at home dad.  Our paths crossed through various events and playgroups over the years, and we finally settled into a comfortable, settled friendship.  Some found it weird how close we had become, but in my world, friends are friends.  That is it.  Our girls were close and we were close.  He became someone I count on to this day to be there if I need him.  Mostly, he just makes me laugh!

AV lost his dad in the last 24 hours.  He sent a lovely and heartfelt email to everyone who knew his dad or knew AV personally.  He wrote this... "For those of you who never met him, try to do the same with me, and the times we have in common.  Preferably something that makes you smile.  After all, he was responsible for those too. And do it about your own dad, as often as you can ..."

So today, I am sharing this with my readers.  Take the people that you love, think about them and remember the smiles.  Remember them for AV, for his dad and for everyone in your life.  Don't let the day pass you by without thinking of the time in your life that your loved one made you smile.  Do this today and everyday!



Anonymous said...

So glad you are back and with such a wonderful blog! Your adventures in the city are great - kids who can ride buses, trains, and a ferry
all in one day. Home will be great
but a time in the city is great, as well.

Sorry about your friend's Dad.
Always good to remember group hugs and a lot of "I love you's" sprinkled throughout the day!

JD said...

Love this post! So many good SF stories and on public transportation no less! Good for you guys!
Sorry about your friend's Dad though, that is rough stuff. I have a friend whose Dad is sick, is making me extra thankful for my parents lately . . . .

Anonymous said...

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