Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I wake up every morning and pray. I know, I do. I am thankful for my husband, my children, my family and even my dog. Tomorrow I plan on being extra thankful for my mom and dad. Tonight they brought home my daughter, with a new full size horse toy and energy that knew no bounds. She waxed philosophical on how much fun she has at Grandma and Opa's and how she can't wait to go back to see them. I think, often, how my life, at least as an adult over 35 has never been better. This is all because of my parents. My husband, bless him, has put up with my shit and loved me and given me beautiful children. My parents, however, continued to love me through all my nonsense and craziness and at times when I wasn't worth loving. They did. My dad saved me more times than I can count and he always looked at me with his wisdom and knew what I was doing and STILL loved me. My daugther's, and soon to be my son's, life is owed to my dad's love and my mother's support. I am lucky, blessed and honored. I hope that in my father's afterlife he is given a special place for being such a wonderful father. My mother already has a reservation next to her own mom.

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